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Built With Care, Worn With Pride

  • 4 Week Production
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA!


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The Blackinton Advantage

  • Quality Since 1852
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Important: Badges are custom made and are NOT RETURNABLE. Please be sure all information is correct before submitting your order. (Check all spelling, etc.) We are sorry but once your order is placed, it cannot be cancelled.

POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION: For everyone’s safety all law enforcement badges and official insignia require positive identification. We require both your Official LE Photo Identification and your current driver’s license be emailed or faxed with your order. There are no exceptions. We reserve the right to cancel any order we deem inappropriate.

Email ID to: | Fax to: 410-549-6068

About Your Badge

Why does it take so long to get my badge?

Each badge is custom made from scratch when you place your order. If you think about it, how many things do you have that were created especially for you, instead of sitting on a shelf or a lot? A stamped brass badge can have up to 27 different stops during its manufacture. Some processes take more than one day.

True quality and craftsmanship takes time. Think of a custom badge as a work of art, because that is exactly what it is.

Can I have any lettering I want?

Yes, as long as there is room on the panel(s) to fit the wording. Please contact us if you need help. You can call us toll-free at 1-800-699-9960, fax to 410-549-6068, or e-mail to

What styles of lettering are offered?

We offer you both BLOCK or ROMAN Lettering choices.

How much does the lettering cost?

The custom lettering you choose for the front of your badge is included in the badges price. Regular or Soft Enamel is included in the price. There is an additional charge for lettering on the BACK of your badge.

Hard Enamel or Soft Enamel Letters – What’s the difference?

Soft Enamel is not really soft. It is the standard colored lettering that is an inset on the badge. You can run your fingernail across the letters and feel the impression. Soft Enamel lettering is included in the badge price.

Hard Enamel is a processing method where the glass enamel-(cloisonné) is baked into the stampings and then stoned flush with the surface of the badge. The result is a badge with a smooth finish. Hard enamel lettering is an additional option on Nickel, Rhodium and Gold Finish Badges.

What letter colors are there?

Black, Blue, Red and Green are the most popular letter color choices.

Do I want a Pin Back* or Wallet Clip Attachment?

This depends on how you will use your badge. If you will primarily be wearing it on your coat, shirt or on a Badge Neck Chain or Badge Belt Clip then choose the Pin Back. If you will be putting your badge in a Custom Badge Wallet or Case, then we suggest a Wallet Clip attachment. *(Pin Back is the same as Pin and Safety Catch, and Safety Pin)

What is a Screw-Back Attachment?

A Screw Back attachment is for badges that will be worn on your Hat.

What is a Seal?

A Seal is the piece in the center of your badge. These often represent your State, County, Logo, Agency or Rank. Seals come in Plain, Colored Rim or Center and Full or Multi-Color.

Uncolored or plain seals are standard on all badges. Colored Rims Seals and Full Color Seals are available options on nickel, rhodium, and gold finish badges. Custom Seals are available and make your badge unique and secure. (A minimum order of 25 seals is necessary.) Please contact us for details. You can call us toll-free at 1-800-699-9960, fax to 410-549-6068, or e-mail to

Can I order just one badge?

Absolutely! We are honored to have your business and will give you the same service no matter how many badges you order.

We’ve ordered before-do you still have our information?

In most cases if you have ordered from us since 1989 we still have your designs and records on file. Please contact us!

Can we order a totally custom badge?

YES, we will be glad to assist you in designing a badge that is yours alone. We have been making custom badges for 20 Years and will work with you every step of the way and the process is easier than you think! Contact us.

Can I cancel my order?

We are sorry but once the orders are sent to the factory they cannot be changed or cancelled.

Please review your orders carefully for errors prior to submitting them.

Badge and Name Bar Care Information

Your new badge has been made just for you. It has been hand polished, plated and coated with clear lacquer to protect its finish. If your badge gets dirty please use ONLY soap and warm water on a soft cloth to clean your badge. Remember your badge is one of the very few things you will own that is custom made just for you!

DO NOT POLISH YOUR BADGE. You will ruin the finish and may void the warranty.

NEVER use any abrasive cleaners on your badge. Any gritty brass cleaners or cloths will destroy the finish on your badge.

Your badge will keep its excellent appearance if you think of it as fine jewelry. Treat it as you would an expensive diamond ring. No harsh chemicals, no abrasives or careless use.

Caring for your new name bar/tag:

If your Name Bar/Tag gets dirty please clean it with warm water and mild soap. Never use gritty polishes or abrasives as these will ruin the finish and remove the lettering.

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